I’ve had many doors close and quite a few more open for me.  I chose to close a door on a significant relationship in my life; something which I am glad has happened. Something which I had needed to do for a while; which I didn’t know until now. It’s so unbelievably hard to get over someone when you still love them. But you do and you will.

Many friends have reconnected with me; as far back as people I knew 10 years ago. Life is mad. I’m hanging in different circles, all of which are away from my past 5 years. Which is beneficial for both parties. The circles I’m in are prosperous, fun and well they are damn right different. I have yearned for something to change in my life and I always looked at the other people. Instead I needed to; and I have. It’s not about going out and sinking as many ‘jars’ as possible. It’s about surrounding yourself with people who truly appreciate everything you are and everything you aren’t.

I need to make a list. I have to learn to service my car (Thanks J). But the main thing is I’m off on holiday in just under 3 months and I literally have nothing planned. My book is blank. I’m going to a hotter climate; the capital of it’s country and it has an abundance of culture with a hint of history. Can you guess where I’m going?

Good because I can’t.




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