So I’ve had such a whirlwind past 7 days. Today was the funeral of someone well-known in the city I live, I heard that you couldn’t get anywhere near the crematorium there were that many people attending to pay their respects.

It really puts life into perspective, but it doesn’t take a death for me to ever do that. I always put life into perspective. I act like my life is so short the whole time, so I grasp at every day as much as I can. A smash and grab type scenario. That’s why even though I’ve 2 pieces of professional work to do I’d rather sit here and cut books up to update my blog. It benefits me. Doing work for others is something I don’t wish to do right now, I mean it’s only for people who have asked politely and fluttered their eyelashes in my direction. So I’m working for free. But my time is so precious, so that is going to the bottom of my pile I’m afraid.

Hmm, so I’m actually afraid of many things just recently whilst were on that word. Sometimes life throws a curveball at you, usually I dodge out the way or let it hit my smack in the face. Turns out you can catch it and throw it back pretty fucking hard in the direction to which it came. But just remember to watch it fly.



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