Funnily enough I’m listening to a song about time currently, I’ve just got in from the longest six weeks I’ve had for a fair few years. With having the prospect of working all summer too, everyone and my own brain keeps telling me I need to take some time for myself.

It would be nice to go away right about now, but I have too much to think about, too many people relying on me to be here every week. Volunteering has its various positives, but one severe negative for me is that it’s the worst thing for me when I’m exhausted. I mean I know I don’t have to go, but I care to much about the people that go to just not.

The next song on my playlist just came on, a group of women singing about working from home, chance would be a fine thing. It’s right about now I regret not furthering my self-employment past a year. But the truth is I can’t rely on myself to do it. I can’t exactly get sacked from a job which is only mine. But if I don’t turn up to work for someone else then that’s my issue. Speaking of which I’ve had one sick day in nearly three years. Fuck my life. I want sun and sand and I want it now.


….Now where’s my speedos?


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