There comes a certain time in someones life where they feel the need to spend about £1000 to go on some lavish holiday to repent their recent life. I for one am certainly not one of these people. I mean, what is the point in going on holiday if the same problems you’re taking a break from are right there when you get home. I know this is a very naive view of mine on jet-setting but…

I know most people go on holiday just so they can have fun and explore culture. I’m not really in a place in life to have the capacity to do that.

Truth is I’ve been wanting to go away for a while. I wouldn’t say a ‘holiday’ as such. I’d just like to live a different regime for a bit. Maybe 3 months or so. I’ve researched into getting a Euro sleeper train pass for the past two years, but always find reasons not to do it. Probably because I’d get minimal sleep and then be grumpy the whole way around haha but still.

I watched a documentary not so long ago where Joanna Lumley explored the Trans Siberian railway, she went from Russia to Japan; venturing to Mongolia and such like in between. I’m not sure of the prospect of visiting Korea mind but I’ll be from the safety of a metal carriage, I don’t necessarily have to get off. This is where I think a lot of people holiday wrong. Don’t be in the sky for a full day, get on the ground and explore the journey for a week. You still get to the same destination but you’ve seen the fields, the houses, peoples faces on each platform. You’re not sat next to the same jumped up prick from Los Angeles who can’t live without his wifi.

Sign me up please.

Maybe this is what I’ll do, like that infamous elderly woman who spends her time cruising round the world rather than being in a care-home as its cheaper. Maybe I’ll be her but less old, and on land. I’ll be the middle-aged train cruiser who refuses to get a mortgage. Yes.Please.



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