In life you find that there are people who don’t and some that do. You’ll always find me in the latter category. I take 6 hours out of each month and volunteer for a local charity who run a youth group for 14-25 year-olds and well last time I was there I sat back and thought ‘why the fuck doesn’t everybody do this’. I know quite a few billion people in the world either don’t have the time or patience, but what’s not to love.

There are millions of people in this country (the UK) who need help. Even if its your lonely elderly next door neighbour. I think people are too caught up in their own shit that they never really contemplate what helping others could do to their own life.

Then some people are just ignorant. But I could give a damn about those.

Happy Wednesday


This piece started out in colour, then it turned out a bit crap. But I like it.


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