So I’ve had a fairly busy weekend for once. It’s good to relax today and get some work done with chill out music on in the background. I looked back at my previous posts. it looks like I haven’t consistently posted for over a year. It’s funny how you get busy doing the daily grind and you forget about the things you truly enjoy doing.

It got to the point where I hadn’t realised the last time I’d listened to music. Obviously I have the same old CD in my car but that’s not the same. I haven’t had a passion for anything. In all honesty I think I’ve been a little lost in my own mind of late, well the whole 12 months previous. It’s hard to break a cycle.

Now I’m on a new chapter it feels good. I’m no longer taking s**t at work, I enjoy my home life and well everything just seems that little easier. This time last year I went through a ‘righting wrongs’ period where I needed to sort my life out. I think I’m finally at the end of that. Hooray! and I’ve made a couple of friends along the way.. who’d have thought it.

An annual clear out of my mind, brilliant, get me booked in next year. Being passive I gather alot. *****


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