Calm down, nothing is free here. I’ve got a list as long as my arm with things I want to buy, but with outgoing expenses here and there I’m looking at January before the time I will obtain the majority. Life sucks when you realise all we do is work to pay bills, the daily grind, there’s surely more to life?

I live my life on a shoe-string anyways, I’m not on the best yearly wage but who cares. I see people raking in 100k a year and they are miserable. There’s only so long you can pay your way through life. But then what? Pick up an instrument, go wander in nature, stay up late and watch shooting stars. I get kids coming up to me saying they’re sick of life… at 14. Truth is I’m nearing 30 and I’ve got so much left to explore and enjoy that I haven’t even considered it in my immediate plans. It’s never too late to impulsively live your life. I’m registering at college and hanging with the cool kids, I’ll probably be twice their age. But who truly cares, age is just a number and this is just another post.

Life isn’t just about your bank balance.


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