OK so I’ve missed a few accents on the name but you catch my drift. Basically a guy whose based in Paris, who loves anything dark, mysterious, lonesome to photograph. This project in particular down below is titled “Loneliness”, which I personally don’t think doesn’t gets focused on in the mainstream enough. We see countless posts on Facebook/Instagram/other sites with people indulged in everything that is life. But what about the people that don’t. What about the people who are perfectly happy in their own company. Is that what selfies are for? hmmm maybe I should join that bandwagon. Sometimes I complain too much on having no social within my hometown. Truth is I really couldn’t care less. Give me a computer, a camera and some adobe software any day and I’d happily sit here and enthrall myself into it. Where’s the countless posts on that? Where’s the popular likes and comments on photographs of being sat in a corner being happy? I like it when people focus on something negative and make it positive. Loic certainly makes loneliness beautiful.

Check more of his work here



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