I like this guys work, it feels me a sense of security that my brain functions with some form of normality. I am not the only one that conjoins weird and wonderful things together. His media is mainly in paint form which just adds to the mystical side of this subjects. Each image is just as dark as the next. Some I really do sit there and think wow, how on earth is this composition even thought of, let alone executed. Bravo! Yet another amazing artist. Your “Feature of the week” – Bill Mayer. Here’s an insert taken from his behance page, inciting the project. Take it away Bill.
From My Dreams To Yours.
     A new series of little paintings based on dream-like visuals that are meant to share emotional content. These little experiments started at a time when some disturbing things were going on in the world. Although it was not conscious or deliberate, those events seemed to seep their way into this series. I have always been fascinated with dark dream-visuals that sometimes seep into your subconscious, and in this series of paintings, I tried to put those strange dreams down on paper.
     The paintings are all done in gouache on watercolor paper, and finished in Photoshop. They’re an ongoing experiment with medium and composition and the potent nature of dreams. I think there are no deep dark hidden secret desires or regrets. It’s just fun to play with the emotions art can generate. I believe that color is really an emotion and color choices are made to reinforce those emotions. To me there’s a sense of poetry in the playful use of surreal elements.
Find more delights here
PS: his website is brilliant!


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