I don’t think I’ve featured that many illustrators on my site, well recently anyway. This guys work literally haunts me. It’s captivating yet cute. It astounds me how people think of quirky little things to draw, I fear my brain is quite boring for an artists. I wouldn’t be able to come up with half of these if any to be fair.

I am inspired by Stefan there’s no technology, no digital touch ups, no expensive tablets, literally just him, a pencil and a piece of paper. I like traditional stuff. It seems in this day and age people have actually forgotten the conventional rooted part of art. Just sit down with your brain intact and explore. I know I can’t really talk, typing this blog on a fruit related computer but still, I go out, collect magazines, photographs, any media I can get my hands on, sit down and rip shit up. It’s the way forward, traditionalisation is what I’m going to call it. Stefan knows, high five sir.

Find more of his work here


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