well. It’s taking more and more time for me to find artists/photographer/designers to put into my blog, i’ve seemingly become a bit of a snob in my blogging days, into what I want to show and don’t. I’m trying to find artists that visually satisfy my readers within 0.53 seconds. Or something close.

Michael Roulier is someone who I will feature on my blog for the first time. But i’m sure it wont be the last. The “feature of the week” post is something new for me. Something which I want to divulge more time into rather than just my usual snapshot/quick posts for you to enjoy.

The project I came across of Michael was the Vanishing Point photography (see below). It just captivated me straight away. I’ve been interested in travel, the way other countries live and survive since going to school and well this is just a nice little incite into capturing snippets of exactly that.

Each photograph tells a story. A struggle, a way the “other half live”, an unreported world.

For the city of Beijing to have such a progressed communicative tourist attraction with the high rise’s and the technology for Michael to portray the “other side” is great, as we all know there’s always a flip side so every situation, every scenario. One of poverty and struggle is mirrored across the globe. Across every country and their most powerful cities.

Find more of Michaels work here





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